10 Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website in the short term


Hey, what’s up everybody? Are you looking for fast ways to drive traffic to your website for free? and in the short term?  Yes, Yes!. OK! I’ve done all research for you, In this post, I’ll show you how to get more visitors and increase traffic to your site using free methods.

In fact, Generating free relevant traffic to a website is one of the most common challenges for WordPress sites owners, There are many ways to send free traffic and increase website visibility, but here I’ll focus on the fast methods that boost traffic to your website! You just follow these simple tips to get more visitors within a few days or even hours.

#1 Updating and republishing old posts.

It is very important for your website to update frequently with fresh content, but if you don’t have any new content to add it, then you can update your old content until you find new ideas for blog posts.

In other words, You need to “Waking up the sleeping posts in your archives”! and this is the most effective way to increasing your site’s traffic, by updating your old blog posts and bring them back to life, you will tell search engines such as Google that you have a fresh posts with new information to index and bring new visitors.

  • Add new information to your old articles if required.
  • Rewrite your post headlines to more relevant and attractive titles.
  • Add new Long-Tail Keywords in the post title, Meta description, and inside post itself.
  • Don’t change the URL of the post. Just leave it as it is.

#2 Optimizing old images for SEO.

Why do you need to create SEO Friendly Images? In fact, Optimizing images are very important in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for websites, and the answer is simple: Search engines work as blind users and can’t see images, so they need text to describe your images. and then send searchers to them.

To make your images visible and readable by search engines you need to add a relevant name and description to your images, WordPress comes with the option to add Title Images (visible for users When they move their mouse over an image),  Alt Text (Alternative text) which is a word or phrase that can be added as an attribute to an image tag in HTML, it helps search engines discover your images and show them in images search results.

You can add Alt Text, Title Image and description to each image from your WordPress Media uploader, But this work good with newly uploaded images,  If you have tons of old images you need to install the SEO Friendly Images Plugin for WordPress, This Plugin automatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images improving traffic from search engines.

#3 Remarketing old posts on social media sites.

Promoting and resharing your old posts on social networking sites is a great way to boost the number of visitors, and get more engagement even though the content itself isn’t brand new.

I am sure that you have more social followers than before, some of them didn’t read your worthy “old articles”, it’s time for them to learn from your updated archive. So, How to reposting old content to drive traffic to your site for free? Well, there are tow ways to do that, (Manual and Automatic):

Manual method: You can republish your older WordPress blog posts on social networking sites (Twitter, facebook, Google Plus, etc) by yourself. The pros of this method it is more natural and you can choose the Post according to the importance of its content. Cons: It could be a slow process.

Automatic method: You can promote your old blog posts by using WordPress plugins that automatically share your previously published posts on social media. We recommend you this plugin Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post) which can help you to share your old posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to get more hits for them and keep them alive.

#4 Post your content to Reddit.

Reddit is a social bookmarking website which has a large potential to drive a great amount of traffic to your website. Reddit have “subreddits” on every topic you can imagine. Go to Reddit sign up and start posting in the right subreddit, But remember don’t be a spammer.

#5 Share on relevant Linkedin groups

There are over 2 million LinkedIn groups, many of which offer incredible networking opportunities. Joining targeted LinkedIn Groups also one of the proven ways to drive more traffic to your website. First, you should have a real profile on Linkedin with good connections, next find the best groups that are relevant to your niche, Join, and start posting your “Evergreen Content”. and don’t be a spammer!

#6 Improve Internal Links

Internal Link is a link on a page to another page on the same domain (Website), The internal linking is useful to building an SEO-friendly site architecture, the advantage of internal linking is to keep people browsing your website by navigating them to other pages (new and old content) in your website, this will reduce your site’s bounce rate, helps to get more hits (increase Pageviews) to your websites, and keep readers engaged.

The fastest way to build internal links in WordPress are by installing a post related plugin such as (Jetpack-Related Posts, Inline Related PostsLinkWithin) etc, and my favorite “SEO Smart Links” plugin, which can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.

#7 Comment on Relevant Blogs.

Writing comments on other blogs that have similar topics is a great way to bring some traffic over to your own site. Simply go to google, start a search for blogs in your niche, Fully read their article and leave a valuable comment, Don’t say something like “Great post!”. Reading and commenting on high authority relevant blogs not only will bring more visitors to your site, but will also build a good relationship with them, and again Don’t spam!

#8 Do a Guest Post on relevant sites.

Guest blogging: when a blogger writes posts to be published on other bloggers’ blogs, with a mention of the writer as a guest author and his / her blog link & info at the bottom of the post. Writing for other websites is a great way to build backlinks to your website and that can increase relevant and targeted traffic to your website. Even more, such as building relationships with other bloggers and establish yourself as a ‘well-known author’ in your field. Go find a list of relevant blogs that focused on your niche, and offer guest blogging and start writing and linking!.

#9 Offer a free product.

Everyone loves free stuff, I like free stuff!, You like free stuff. create a free valuable product related to your site’s content such as a useful ebook, free subscription plans, coupons, etc, host it on your website, and then share it online. people will start visiting your site to download that freebie! or get your discount coupon code, even they will share it with others. free stuff drives free traffic.

#10 Write a “Top 10 sites” Post

Create a Viral “Top list post” featuring websites in your niche and send it to them. for example, if your site about WordPress niche: your can write a post titled “Top 10 WordPress Blogs 2016 You Should Follow“, or “Top 20 WordPress Experts To Follow for 2016” etc, and send your post to featured websites owners. Your list will attract their attention and some of them will visit and read your post, add comments, links, re-published on social networking sites. In general, I would recommend using “list posts” to grow your blog’s traffic, because people like it and it’s easy to create and share.

Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment below, and let me know if you have any new tips or secrets to driving more traffic to your WordPress site for free and in the short term?

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