Easily Build A Mobile App For WordPress with iWappPress


Are you looking for an easy way to turn your WordPress Site info a Mobile App? Do you want to increase your Business visibility over mobile devices? Then you are in the right place! in the Post, I’ll show you a simple way to build a mobile app for WordPress site using iWappPress Plugin.

iWappPress is a WordPress mobile app plugin that helps you to convert any WordPress website into a mobile app instantly, there are tow copies of this plugin, A iWappPress iOS app builder, and WappPress Android app builder.

iWappPress WordPress Plugin / Create an iOS Mobile App For WordPress
iWappPress WordPress Plugin / Create an iOS Mobile App For WordPress

An Easy Way To Create A Mobile App For WordPress Site

iWappPress / WappPress is a very simple WordPress plugin to create a WordPress Mobile App in real time in just 1 click and 1 minute. It is packed with highly useful features like custom launcher icon, custom splash screen, instant App build in real time. It’s an excellent tool to convert WordPress to mobile app instantly.

WappPress WordPress Plugin / Create an Android Mobile App For WordPress
WappPress WordPress Plugin / Create an Android Mobile App For WordPress

iWappPress is the best product available in the market at such an affordable cost. A lot of people have used this product and are fully satisfied and happy with iWappPress. It is very simple and easy to use, you do not need any coding skills to use it.

Benefits of using iWappPress / WappPress WordPress Plugin to Build a Mobile app for your WordPress Site:

  1. You can create an iOS App /Android app all by yourself without the need of any coding skills.
  2. Its very simple and easy to use.
  3. iOS App / Android app are generated instantly on click of a button.
  4. You can customize your app by using our plugin features.
  5. You can select a different theme for your Mobile App.
  6. You can select a different home page for your Mobile App.
  7. You can choose and customize launcher icon.
  8. You can choose and customize splash screen.
  9. You can add custom message on splash screen.
  10. No Coding skills are required, any non technical person can create an App.
  11. The App that is generated can be published to Apple Play Stores.
  12. Generate App and reach out to more users.

What To Do After Making Your Mobile App?

  • Upload this App to Apple Store for iOS / Google Play Store for Android and other marketplaces.
  • Ask your close customers to download your app containing high quality content inside
  • Offer them some bonuses in return for reviews.
  • Place proper tags and an eye catching headline to your apps in the iOS / Android marketplace.
  • With Reviews & Ratings, your app will be ranked well on Apple Store / Google play store & other marketplaces.
  • It will bring in an unstoppable ripple effect of traffic from organic searches based on your good rating and reviews.
  • Continue to provide quality to your customers & monetize app for profit.
  • You can monetize your app either by In-App Purchase & running ads through Admob integration

This is an easy tool for every WordPress business owner. You or your staff is probably wasting hours every week on tasks when market is going towards app revolution in fast manner. So STOP wasting your precious time on menial tasks and start add color to your Website by opening doors of app marketplace.

Click the Buttons Below and get your iWappPress / WappPress Now!

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