4 Best Two Factor Authentication WordPress Plugins to replace Clef plugin

4 Best 2 factor authentication WordPress plugins 2017 to increase Login security


Most popular Two Factor authentication service Clef has announced they are shutting down their service, including its apps and WordPress plugin will be sunset in the first week of June 2020, and now WordPress users need to look at alternative Two-Factor Authentication plugins.

As you may already know, Clef built a replacement for usernames and passwords that secure all your online accounts. offering an easy way to integrate two-factor authentication into websites, allowing users to easily login just by pointing their phone at the Clef login wave code.

Clef team recommends transitioning to another form of two-factor authentication as soon as possible.

Don’t give up, there is a solution to “lock down your login” and improve WordPress login security for your site. In this post, I’ll show you a collection of free WordPress Two Factor Authentication plugins to replace your dead Clef.

Top 4 Best Two Factor authentication WordPress plugins 2020


Looking to add Multi-factor authentication to your WordPress website? UNLOQ is the best alternative to Clef since it does not require you to enter a password once the plugin is installed on your WordPress site. UNLOQ authentication protects your WordPress users from password reuse, phishing and keylogger attacks.

All you need is a free account on the UNLOQ website and install the UNLOQ plugin on your site, Once the plugin has been installed and configured, your WordPress login password field is displayed an UNLOQbutton. When you click it, you get a notification on your phone through the UNLOQ app with the IP address and location of the attempted login, the account username, as well as a button to either approve or deny the login.

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Google Authenticator

The Google Authenticator plugin for WordPress gives you two step authentication using the Google Authenticator app for Android/iPhone/Blackberry.

If you are security aware, you may already have the Google Authenticator app installed on your smartphone, using it for two-factor authentication on Gmail/Dropbox/Lastpass/Amazon etc.

The two-factor authentication requirement can be enabled on a per-user basis. You could enable it for your administrator account, but log in as usual with less privileged accounts.

If You need to maintain your blog using an Android/iPhone app, or any other software using the XMLRPC interface, you can enable the App password feature in this plugin,
but please note that enabling the App password feature will make your blog less secure.

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miniOrange Two Factor authentication

If you are migrating from Clef to Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication plugin then follow the steps below to easily setup the plugin and have the experience of Clef like.

  • Install the plugin.
  • Verify your email.
  • Click on QR Code Authentication method.
  • Scan the QR Code from the miniOrange Authenticator App.
  • Step by Step direction is given in the plugin to help you setup the plugin.

A highly secure & easy to setup Two Factor Authentication (Google Authenticator) for your WordPress site. Rather than relying on a password alone, which can be phished or guessed, miniOrange Two Factor authentication (Google Authenticator) adds a second layer of security to your WordPress accounts. It protects your website from hacks and unauthorized login attempts.

This plugin provides two-factor authentication during login. If you are looking for OTP Verification of users during Registration then we have a separate plugin for this.

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Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Duo Security provides two-factor authentication as a service to protect against account takeover and data theft. Using the Duo plugin you can easily add Duo two-factor authentication to your WordPress website in just a few minutes!

Rather than relying on a password alone, which can be phished or guessed, Duo’s authentication service adds a second layer of security to your WordPress accounts. Duo enables your admins or users to verify their identities using something they have—like their mobile phone or a hardware token—which provides strong authentication and dramatically enhances account security.

Duo is easy to setup and use. With Duo there’s no extra hardware or complicated software to install, just sign up for Duo’s service and install the plugin. Then you can set which user roles you want to enable two-factor authentication for—admins, editors, authors, contributors, and/or subscribers—without setting up user accounts, directory synchronization, servers, or hardware.

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Thanks for reading our “Best WordPress Two Factor Authentication Plugins 2020 – Alternative to Clef”! Leave me a comment below, and let me know if you have used any of these Two Factor Authentication Plugins to protect your login page and increase your WordPress security or even any other interesting Multi-factor Authentication WordPress plugin that helps to secure your site login.

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1 Comment
  1. Stan says

    Shameless plug: For a Clef-like experience (or even better), give Authentiq (authentiq.com) a spin.

    Cool feature: it does not store your data centrally, but on your phone.

    There’s a quick How To on the Authentiq website: https://www.authentiq.com/blog/2017/06/06/authentiq-on-wordpress/

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